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Features to look for in a bromine generator.

Pier-Oliver Hamel

By Pier-Olivier Hamel

Because not all devices offer the same functionality, here are some key features that a generator should possess, in addition to an easy-to-use user interface, in order to provide a better experience and efficiency while having the longest lifespan possible.

Uniform water flow through the cell:

In some systems, water will not circulate properly through the conductive plates, leaving dead spots or zones of higher activity. This will greatly limit the device’s efficiency and, over time, increase the chances of some plates breaking off. Systems with reaction cells that are in-line with the water generally perform the best.

Regular inversion of the cell’s polarity:

Scale deposits will appear slowly over time on one pole of the cell, which will eventually require cleaning. Recent systems reverse their polarity every few minutes to prevent lime build up and greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate, the need for cleaning.

A shock or boost mode:

The bromine bank will deplete much faster when users are bathing. In order to raise the bromine back to the recommended quantity as fast as possible, the same way that one would add chlorine or bromine after usage, the bromine production needs to be much higher than the normal, “maintenance” level. Having a separate mode of operation to fulfill this purpose that switches automatically back to normal production when the free bromine level is back up will eliminate the inconvenience of users having to increase their production setting when bathing and then returning to the original setting a few hours later. Forgetting to do so could also cause issues, thus only having to press a button once when bathing is much safer.