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frequently asked questions on in.clear

What is the meaning of the 8H message displayed on my in.clear keypad?

The 8H message displayed on your in.clear keypad is a reminder of the duration in hours we suggest your filtration cycle should be set to.

Why is my spa water cloudy/oily?

If your spa becomes cloudy or oily due to bather load perform an additional Boost and wait for 24 hours to see if conditions return to normal. If the problem persists, consult a spa/pool dealer to have your water balanced properly.

Does the sodium bromide evaporate?

No. Sodium bromide is only lost through splash out, leaks or when draining your spa.

What should I use to clean my spa?

Always use a non-sudsing cleaner found at your spa store.

When my in.clear is off, does the sodium bromide continue sanitizing my spa?

No, the in.clear system does not sanitize if inactive. If there is a residual bank of bromine, bromine continues to sanitize the spa water. The in.clear may be off at certain times and the spa will still be fine and clean. The sodium bromide is converted to bromine as it passes through the electrodes of the in.clear system and the pump associated with the in.clear is running.


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