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in.clear troubleshooting tips

display error messages

Low Sodium Bromide Error

Low Sodium Bromide Error (Err) occurs when the sodium bromide level is too low. 

Low Sodium Bromide Warning

Low Sodium Bromide Warning (Lo) indicates the need to add sodium bromide to the spa water.

Blinking AC

A blinking “AC” message displayed on the keypad indicates that there is a problem with the power input. 



Bromine Generation indicator blinking

Standalone version only

A blinking Bromine Generation LED means that the system is unable to generate bromine because no water flow is detected by the in.clear system.


Bromine Generation indicator is off

The Bromine Generation LED indicator is OFF when there is no need for bromine generation.

High Sodium Bromide Warning

High Sodium Bromide Warning (Hi) occurs when too much sodium bromide is present in the water or there is a high TDS level (water hardness, alkalinity, organic compounds, etc).

in.clear is turned off

The OFF message indicates that the in.clear is turned off.

FLO error (out of diagnostic mode)

With the linked version the FLO error appears when the in.clear's pressostat is open for longer than 3 minutes and the pump associated with it was activated by the spa pack.

Communication Error

The Co error indicates that a linked version of the in.clear is being used, but a pack cannot be detected. 


Read or download step-by-step instructions from in.clear's user manual



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