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in.clear user instructions


Quick tips on how to use in.clear


Turning in.clear on and off

Use the boost key to turn in.clear on or off. Activation LED will lit up when in.clear is on.


Enter maintenance mode

Maintenance Mode keeps the bromine bank levels at a stable and acceptable range when the spa is not being used. Maintenance mode is the “everyday” mode and is automatically ON when the system is activated.

Maintenance level adjustment changes the rate at which bromine will be released into the spa water.

After maintenance level is set and confirmed, in.clear performs a salt test to read the sodium bromide level of the spa water or to check sodium bromide keypad warnings and errors.

Level indicator for older systems

In older versions, a number will be displayed instead of an animation to indicate the bromine level in the spa water.



Enter boost mode

The Boost Mode should be activated every time you use your spa. Boost levels depend on the number of bathers using the spa. Boost mode increases the bromine generation rate to keep the water clear, clean and soft.

Activating the boost mode when you enter the spa will restore your bromine to the proper level and keep the water clear, clean and soft.

Modify level or cancel boost mode

You can modify the boost level or cancel the boost mode at any time.





bromicharge™ gauge (leds)


When performing a test, the BromiCharge™ gauge (LEDs) indicates the approximate sodium bromide level of the spa water. There is no need to add sodium bromide if the indicator is in the green zone.

When adding sodium bromide, the gauge indicator will gradually shift to the right. When adding clean water to the spa, the indicator will shift to the left.

In order to achieve the proper level, start pumps and add 227g (.5 lb) of BromiCharge™ at a time and always allow 5 minutes for the gauge to react before adding more sodium bromide.

The green zone in the center area of the gauge should be targeted for optimal performance.



Read or download step-by-step instructions from in.clear's user manual



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