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Claude Dionne

Europa Spas is a european manufacturer of spas and hot tubs with a factory based in Bulgaria and offices in UK and Spain. Europa Spas buys control systems, keypads, in.clear water sanitization and in.touch wifi systems.

in.clear, basically, makes sense because it is an easy to operate system, simple to use and very user friendly and that’s why we decided to give it a go!
— Galin Savov

We really like the concept!

In.clear is a relatively new system to Europa Spas but they really like the concept of adding one sanitization product after the initial filling of the water and then not having to worry about chemicals so much for the next few months.

The word “chemicals” scares everybody.

They have the experience of dealing directly with the final customers, the spa owners, and they always get the same comment: “We really like to have a hot tub but we’re scared about the chemicals.” The word “chemicals” scares everybody and customers are afraid of doing something wrong that could endanger them, their family or their friends.

Also some spa owners will not engage in the difficult process necessary to keep their water nice and clean. In.clear makes sense because it’s easy to operate, simple to use and very user friendly.

So that’s why Europa Spas decided to give it a go and see how in.clear works.

in.clear is a nice addition to have.

Europa Spas sell in.clear as an option. For them, in.clear is a nice addition to have that gives the ability to offer something special that boosts the overall value of their spas. Generally speaking, the reception is really good. Their customers are quite ecstatic about it and see in.clear as a really nice addition.

in.clear has to be explained. Customers have to understand the concept on how to operate it and what parameters they have to set but once they get the grasp of it, they find in.clear very easy to use.


On in.clear and Europa Spas models

On some of their smaller models, Europa Spas sell in.clear with its in.k200 keypad but larger models are equipped with in.k800 keypad with all the in.clear function built-in.